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In the era of Big Data, it is increasingly more important to have proper cybersecurity protocols in place to protect your data assets. It is possible to store and retrieve inter-linked data content using web-based microservice technologies that work even when a computer has no Internet connection. This off-line capability will enable you to enjoy the full power of open source software without exposing your data assets to unnecessary security risks.

In order to ensure that your own data will always be accessible to you, this self-operated service must have a simple procedure to perform data backup and restoration, so that your data management system can seamlessly transfer to a different computer; Moreover, having a data backup gives you the ability to read your own data even if the display software your using has evolved to a new version and no longer works with data stored by previous versions.

Your Data Assets can be compromised when they require 3rd party software to be displayed and stored correctly. This project intends to resolve this challenge by giving everyone the choice to run their own chosen version of MediaWiki software, given that all the images that have been proven to work maintain publicly available images; therefore, even if the software has been abandoned, one may use Application virtualization technologies to continue operate the software. For the detail explanation of design rationale, see Why PKC?