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Data(Q42848), is a kind of medium to carry information. The power of utilizing data, especially knowing how to use the minimum amount of space, time, energy resource to represent data, will significantly amplify one's ability to influence decisions or physical consequences in the world. Therefore, the notion of Dataism, is becoming a new trend. The important insight of Dataism is its Universality, whose nature can be better understood if one understand how to use ordered relations to represent data.

Critical Observation

The recent revelation about data is becoming a new kind of science has to do with the fact that data is a form of intentionally manipulable object that can work at all scales. The feature of being a scale-free vehicle to represent any domain of phenomenon or any field of applications without any inherent limitation, has been famously articulated by Eugene Wigner as the Unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics[1]. This term mathematics can be synonymous with the term data, because all mathematical ideas are just some form of intentionally manipulable object that could be associated or implicated to any fields of applications, or any domain of phenomenon. This can also be understood as Universal abstraction.

Design Principle

In PKC, all data will be somehow examined or encoded as some form of functions, and more specifically, the information content of a function will be universally represented in terms of Logic Models.

Data Science

To help people better utilize data, the first and foremost thing is to recognize its scale-free property. Data can be represented using a wide range of symbols and of unlimited kinds of physical medium. This allows data to be stored or transferred through various mediums[2].


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