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This page is dedicated to demonstrate features of various extensions. [Updated 14-Mar-2022 16:13 WIB]

For HTML Widget Demos, please look at this page: Demo:Widget collection


The following maps are interactive maps[1] embedded in MediaWiki, you can find instructions[2] on how to edit these embedded links to create your own map. For the usage statistics of this website, please see Matomo Dashboard.

Map 1

To show the the center of a region, a map can be specified as follow:

Loading map...

Gasing Locations

Loading map...

Map 2

For example, the following map can be specified as follow:

  Serangan, Bali, Indonesia:500;
  Serangan, Bali, Indonesia:100~TSEA Campus~HDX Program~green~0.7~10~blue~0.5

Loading map...


Please see the MediaWiki Widget Extension.


Or, please refer to below code [1]

{{#ev:youtube|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_oNzF_KS6g |||||start=5&end=15&loop=5}}

{{#ev:youtube|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_oNzF_KS6g |||||start=5&end=15&loop=5}}

Embedding videos in a web page will significantly enrich user experience. The following link shows a video embedded in this page. More extensive demo can be found in this link.


If you are into music[3], you can embed Spotify songs here.


Math Typesetting

For mathematicians and engineers, your can also typeset mathematical equations using LaTeX syntax here.

<math>\int_a^Y \!\!\!\int_a^q f(u)\,dQ\,ds = \int_a^x f(q)(z-c)\,dQ</math>

3D Object

If you have 3D objects that you want to show on the page, you can just upload the file to this website, and embed them into the page:

[[File:Asad Al-Lat.stl|300px]]

Click on the image below to interact with it in Media Viewer.


You may also make the 3D object interactive in the page.


Timeline.js in Widget:Iframe

This page uses the Timeline.js demo website to show what can be done in an Iframe.


You may also specify certain conditional information to extract a list of pages from the database. This is the well-known DynamicPageList[4] feature of MediaWiki.

An example can be shown here

category=BPMN StartEvent


To embed and view you images inside Mediawiki Page, please refer to [2]

Text Formatting

To learn how to format your text[5], please refer to [3]

Userful Websites

For generating wikitables, please see: TableGenerator/MediaWiki Tables.

It is always helpful to read MediaWiki's Manual:Extensions [6]


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