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This page demonstrates that one can include Google Document, Google SpreadSheet, Google Presentation, and Google Form in this website. One must remember to publish the document on your Google pages.

Note: There will be human observable delay of content synchronization from Google Documents, Google SpreadSheets, Google Presentations, and Google Forms to pages that embed the same document.

Google Presentation

The published Google Slide can be viewed and edited here.

For example, the original Google Docs URL should appear in your browser's URL field like this:

To add this to the page, one just need to extract the docid that has the value: 1TkzbKQzjpytoOtPDRBNN4PGD479Cqpgt .

You just need to use the following string to denote that you want this file displayed on the page:

{{#widget:Google Presentation|docid=1TkzbKQzjpytoOtPDRBNN4PGD479Cqpgt|size=medium}}

Google Form

If you are familiar with Google Form, you can create one and publish the form here using the following strings:

{{#widget:Google Form

Google Document

In case your team is writing up some document using Google Doc, the document can be linked [1]. The original URL looks like this:

You may display the content using the following string, and specifying its corresponding id as 1yRD3hYPNsvjeyugoSDl-6x3QeAFRbXaOUNH1nh4bIP8.

{{#widget:Google Document

Google SpreadSheet

Google SpreadSheet can also be embedded here, notice that the content synchronization between Google server and your page will have visible delays.

The original URL of the SpreadSheet is:

The '''published''' Google SpreadSheet:

To display the Google Sheet in this page, use the following string:

{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet


Another MediaWiki extension, namely GoogleDocs4MW, will serve the same function as the extension Widgets:

style="width: 50%">10nJZX6UKeg3FgT8OVfzDUSEIj-H_VeVZkwbEfXRnH7I</googlespreadsheet>

Other UI Technologies

It is worth noting that Apollo Spreadsheet can do the same thing, and is open source.