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Namespace management is the essential skill to master in Data Science. Namespace provides the allowable vocabulary to encode data.

Logic Model (Namespace management) Template:LogicModel 02 26, 2022
Abstract Specification
Context Namespace management/Context
Goal Namespace management/Goal
Success Criteria Namespace management/Criteria
Concrete Implementation
Outputs Process Inputs
Namespace management/Output Namespace management/Process Namespace management/Input
Boundary/Safety Conditions of Namespace management
Namespace management/Boundary

In the context of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki, namespace management is realized through the use of key phrases and inter-linked properties, indexed in the relational database of MediaWiki.

Namespace management is the foundation of mathematics, as Henri Poincaré once said:

Mathematics is the art of labeling different things with the same name.

This observation is directly applicable in the field of systems engineering, software engineering, and most importantly, reveals the foundational mechanism of how to organize names, using number theory. The use of number theory to analyze namespace can be dated back to Euclid's work on reasoning about the infinite supply of prime numbers, and Kurt Godel's work on the Incompleteness Theorem.

Naming a page

A Naming system could be formalized as a set of naming rules mapping from values to names:

To decide the naming rules, the prerequisite is to figure out how to organize data in a system. Knowledge organization/representation has different styles Paper/Knowledge Organization and Representation under the AI Lens. In a rule-based representation style, each page entity is matched with rewrite rules based on its patterns. When combining with object-attribute-value, or semantic representation style, the patterns could be defined by its attributes or relations. For example, a name for a program could be a string concatenated by its input semantic and output semantic: {{Output}}from{{Input}} turing into Beta Distribution From Mean And SD

Desired Attributes of Namespace management system

  • Consistency
  • Expressiveness
  • Precision


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Namespace Management Rules in PKC

Ideally, all the naming conventions should be configured here and the rules will apply to all the pages in the system.

Current Naming
Prefix Purpose Naming Rules Notes
PKC Workflow/Issues

All types of pages to be managed

  • Activities
  • Daily Documents
  • Meetings
  • Events

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