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We assume that all participants are interested to acquire digital native skills. Since all participants are using Internet-connected computers to participate in the HDX program, we also assume that students knows how to use wordprocessors, spreadsheets, and other basic digital tools.

First, we assume that all participants have a working email address and they use on a daily basis.

In the HDX program, we suggest you acquire the following ICT tools for daily operations:

  1. Talent Learning Management System:
  2. Discord Communication App:
  3. Google Docs (a.k.a. Google Workspace):

All the above mentioned ICT applications have Desktop and Smartphone-based applications. You will need to download and install some of these applications to operate them on your personal devices.


You may continue to use applications or services that are most convenient to your prior experience. For collaboration, this platform allows you to publish your work to other collaborating members in a consistent fashion. For example, you can share your Google Docs with other members of your team, by simply making some of your document references available on dedicated web pages known by all your team mbmers.

Getting a GitHub Account

For all participants, we require you to apply for an account on, with the Github account, you will be able to sign-in to the Semantic MediaWiki.

  1. Apply for an account on
  2. Use the account to login to for content editing.

What is Github?

Please watch the following video to get an account on {{#ev:youtube|}}

Interesting Talks related to Digital Natives

To know the definition of Digital natives, one can watch Amazon Web Service CTO, Werner Vogel's talk[1].


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