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  1. PKC have only been tested on a small number of machines and configurations, your mileage may vary.
    1. Compared to Unix-derivatives such as Mac OSX and Linux operating systems, installing PKC on Windows operating system can be a challenge, therefore, please refer to PKC on Windows Platform.
  2. We can not warrant any reliability, completeness, and accuracy of this installation procedure. Any action you take upon this information and execute this script is at your own risk, the software developers for PKC have no way to be liable for any losses and damages in connection to the use of the actions and software prescribed here.
  3. Do not remove any of the files in the directory with backup/, such as docker-compose.yml and the LocalSettings.php. These files are the configuration files for Docker and MediaWiki respectively. Missing them, this system will cease to work.

Extra Caution

  1. Many pre-defined parameters can be replaced in the .env file stored in the PKC directory. It allows flexible configuration of your system. For more information, please read Configure your own PKC instance.
  2. For the sake of reducing typos, the project has moved from to For the current implementation of Github, these two git repository names point to the same source. When GitHub change this practice, it will change. We recommend you to use the shorter version.