PKC Compatible Configurations

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System configurations that runs PKC can be classified as follows:

  1. PKC on Cloud-based Virtual Machines
  2. PKC on Windows 10
  3. PKC on Mac OS X
  4. PKC on Linux Distributions

Important Caveats

Even if your machine had been successfully running PKC for a while, there will be situations where it might fail to function. The following scenarios are suggested if you witness some unexpected failures.

Docker Engine Failure

It is possible that your Docker engine or Docker network connection fails to respond to well-configured ports and docker services. Therefore, you need to restart the Docker Desktop or Docker engine from scratch, then, the situation may be resolved.

Docker Engine Cannot Start

On Windows 10+ platform, it is possible that your operating system have been configured by the system administrator to not allow Hypervisor to work. That means you have to work with your system administrator to turn on that feature on your hardware.

Report your Failures

In case all the above solutions fails to work, please submit a community request.

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