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PKC services include a collection of computational and communication programs that is currently packaged using Docker containerization technology. The main services are:

  1. MariaDB relational Database, Access to PKC PHPMyAdmin
  2. MediaWiki/Semantic MediaWiki
  3. Matomo Data Analytics, Access to PKC Matomo
  4. Nginx Web Server Proxy
  5. Keycloak Single Signon Solution, Access to Keycloak console
  6. Moodle for Learning Management System (Homework assignments and quizzes), Access to Moodle
  7. MongoDB for NoSQL data persistence functionalities]
  8. Quant-UX for Prototyping Tools, Access to QuantUX
  9. Visual Studio Code for accessing PKC's code, Access to VSCode

Future Services

PKC is planning to add the follow microservices:

  1. Kafka for Inter-PKC communication services.
  2. IPFS for Interplanetary File System


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