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Page/File/Service is a data abstraction scheme dedicated to match the current usage patterns of three kinds of users:

  1. Page: for all users, including Non-Digital Natives.
  2. File: for users who are willing to read and follow technical manuals, Content Creators.
  3. Service: for users who can independently operate their private data services, Self-Service Agents.

Tri-fold Data Abstraction

The reason for organizing data assets into this tri-fold abstraction is to create a unifying workflow pipeline to deal with content creation. The three kinds of data assets each representing a time-oriented aspect of data. Specifically, File represents past data, Page represents current data, Service represents data to be provisioned into the future.

Tri-Category Namespaces

To help users build up the mental model of Page, File, and Service. We explicitly manage these categories of data assets into three namespaces. MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki clearly has a mature model for managing namespaces for Page. It even include a namespace called File that refers to files uploaded to the wiki instance. In PKC, the top level content will be organized around a standardized namespace hiearchy, starting from Page, then, File, and finally Service. The reason for following this sequence, is the start from the presence, then, refer to the past, and finally, looking into the future.